Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey y'all.

Shane was on a local TV show yesterday morning called Cooper and Co. Here he is performing BLue Smoke and Beans and Taters. Check it out. The first video has about 5 minutes of another guest before Shane plays Blue Smoke. might want to fast forward to the last two minutes. The second video is all about Beans and Taters.


Friday, September 21, 2007

J. with electric guitar

J. is wanting to learn how to play the electric guitar. Here he is trying out his best ZZTop.

In case you didn't know, learning the guitar can be hard work.

See what I mean? You keep trying J. You'll get it.

Welcome to the Monkey-Toed Gal's Place on the web

Well, I guess you know why I'm calling this blog the monkey-toed gal..... If you know me and you know my guitar playing husband, you know that he has written (and regularly performs) a love song for me. You can hear most of it here....

Can't you tell how much he loves me? HaHa.

Here is a picture that I took of him last Sunday.

He wrote another song about me once. It was called "She's My Little Old Scab Picker." You probably don't want to know about all that.

If he writes anything else about me, I'll keep you posted...

Lisa (Monkey-Toes)